Tips and tricks for your trees this summer

We here at Bear Creek Tree Service are in the business of promoting plant health and protecting our community from potential arboreal dangers. Here are a few tricks to encourage healthy growth in your yard.

Watering schedules

Especially for newly planted trees, a regular watering routine will help avoid overwatering and root rot. Depending on the tree type, watering schedules will differ, some require morning and night while others don’t. Before you purchase and plant a new tree, look into its water needs.

Don’t suffocate

Many people like to place stone rings around the bases of their trees as well as add in mulch. Both of these, while at times aesthetically pleasing, are dangerous practices for your plants overall health. Roots reflect the canopy and vice versa, when you limit the space which the roots can grow, the tree can become unstable or stunted. Mulch can cause too much water to be retained at the base of your new tree which may lead to root rot.

Keep the bugs at bay

Even if our plants are flourishing in their growing conditions, insects can still wreak havoc. Before turning to chemicals, try to provide habitat for natural predators such as bats and birds. When possible, it is important to minimize pesticide usage. Our native pollinators often become unwanted casualties in the process. If you must spray, do so sparingly and when the larvae are beginning to feed for the best results.

Other than these tips, if your tree is in need of a little TLC reach out to us here! We offer a range of services from selective pruning to removal if necessary. Let's keep our communities beautiful and safe, not for us alone but our native flora and fauna as well.
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