Landscaping to consider for your yard this year

This spring upgrade your yard with low maintenance and water conscientious plants. Native landscaping is beautiful and extremely important for our local flora and fauna. This season we are encouraging all of our fellow Colorado residents to consider planting pollinator gardens as well as to employ xeriscaping practices. Here is a brief rundown of pollinator gardens and xeriscaping and why they are important here in the Denver area! 
You may have heard “save the bees” once or twice in passing or conversation. This movement is all about protecting our pollinators and their habitats; a great way to get involved is to plant a pollinator garden of your own! What is a pollinator garden exactly? Pollinator gardens showcase a variety of flowering plants that bloom throughout the growing seasons. These gardens help our native bees and butterflies as well as moths, wasps, beetles, flys, and even hummingbirds! Boasting an array of flowers, these gardens can transform your yard from barren to beautiful while feeding the local fauna.

Another landscaping practice you might consider this year is xeric landscaping. Also known as xeriscaping, this form of design focuses on planting with minimal to no water usage. Perfect for the dry climate of Colorado, xeric landscaping is easy on the eye and water resources! 

It is good practice, when changing your landscape, to consider a few things before starting the project. First, we recommend that you assess your area's topography. Where are you looking to make change? What is the grade of the area, how will water flow when it rains? 

Establishing a view of your current landscape will aid you in creating an improved plan for the space. Sun, rainfall, and spatial mapping can be done at any time and will provide you with a great starting point!

Whether looking to beautify your yard or minimize your water usage, pollinator gardens and xeric landscaping are two incredible options. As we have noted, both practices encourage native growth and return the land to a more natural state. We here at Bear Creek Tree Service believe in the importance of a healthy natural environment. If you need assistance with tree planting or landscaping look at our services and reach out to us here!
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