Storm cleanup with your trusted tree expert

Severe weather can be disastrous. Your yard, home, and belongings can get waterlogged or whipped across town on a bad day. Just as well, your trees could take a hit.  Don’t fear storm cleanup, we can help.

Our professional landscaping crew has been trained to manage debris and fallen items. We have three main prongs to our storm cleanup strategy based on need. Corrective pruning, stump grinding, and tree salvaging are the three facets. Let's take a look at each individually.

Corrective pruning

This is a process that is very beneficial for maintaining the health of your tree. A big windstorm or heavy rains can lead to dead limbs and other items falling from your trees, on the way down they can hit health branches leaving them broken and sad. Corrective pruning is a method in which our team trims damaged limbs promoting continued growth. This extends the lifetime of your plant and doesn't leave it looking scared.

Stump Grinding

If a tree has fallen due to a storm we will grind what is left. First we remove the fallen tree. This clears space in your yard. After that we can get rid of what is left, the eyesore that is the broken base that is left over. Our trained team will mill up and remove your stump and all excess debris. If desired, we also offer replacement with customly designed landscaping. 

Tree Salvaging

Tree salvaging is a more involved form of corrective pruning and is employed when major damage has come to your tree. Limbs that have broken off can leave massive portions of the trunk exposed to the elements. Our arborists work to leave as much of the tree as they can while ensuring all damaged or dead portions are removed.

Since we experience all four seasons here in Denver, there is just about always a chance for a severe storm. Ice and snow in the winter and heavy rains and wind in the spring and early summer can all cause major damage. We here at Bear Creek want your trees healthy and yard looking as you would like it. If you are in need of storm cleanup visit us here to get a quote!
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