Scalable snow removal

Winter brings cold temperatures as well as snow and ice. Unfortunately, we cannot help with the former. However, the latter, we have highly skilled teams poised and ready to assist you in all of your snow and ice removal needs! Here is a look at the snow removal services we offer. Whether searching for residential clearing or larger, commercial scale removal in the Denver Metro area, we at Bear Creek are here to be your trusted team!


One of our most popular services is general lot plowing. Lot clearance is important for both accessibility as well as safety. Here at Bear Creek we provide in depth clearance. Not only do we remove snow from parking spots and lanes, but also entrances into the lots. With equipment to handle a range of removal needs, we can clear anything from a few spots to a large expansive lot. Maintaining snow removal in highly trafficked areas is something we pride ourselves on, give us a call today!


After plowing, if you are looking to get rid of those unsightly snow heaps left behind, we can help with that too. Our team will come out, load everything up, and take it elsewhere. Not only are those big mounds somewhat unsightly, they also hinder sight. Blocking the view of drivers from other cars, they are dangerous! That is why we offer large scale removal. 

Detailed Removal

Beyond removing massive heaps of snow,we also clear smaller areas with our detailed snow removal. This is another top service of ours. Some areas don’t allow for vehicular removal, in these locations we employ smaller technologies like snow blowers and shovels. Detail removal is great for businesses and residents alike. We clear your walkways and sidewalks as well as most paved spaces. In addition to detailed removal, we offer sanding and ice control services!

Sand-spreading and Ice control

To our residential and business customers alike, we offer sand and salt services. If you are looking for safer pedestrian conditions we have got you covered. Using either salt or a liquid de-icing agent, we can melt ice that has already formed. For extra traction, we can deposit sand! 

Here at Bear Creek, we offer a range of snow services to meet our communities’ needs. As winter conditions aren’t past us yet, reach out to our team when needed. We have got your back! Whether you are looking for your stoop shoveled or street plowed, give us a call anytime. One of our highly skilled crews will be out to assist you quickly!
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