New House? Watch for These Signs That It’s Time to Call a Local Tree Service

February 19, 2021

Finding a new place to call home is a big deal. It’s an investment in your future and an opportunity to transform a property into your dream home. While you were looking at the property, you probably noticed all sorts of things you wanted to change inside the home. But how much attention did you pay to the outside of your house? Believe it or not, your landscaping can play a huge role in the safety and comfort of your property. Unfortunately, if you’re new to homeownership, you might not know when it’s time to call a local tree company for help to make sure your trees are healthy. Here are a few key signs to watch for. 

You Have Old Stumps in the Ground

Old stumps may seem harmless and, in the right circumstances out in the wilderness or on acreage, they can be. But old stumps close to your house, even at the back of your yard, represent a serious safety hazard both for your other plants and your house. 

Old stumps are the perfect habitat for burrowing insects and pests like carpenter ants and termites. Once they set up colonies, it’s only a matter of time before they make it into your home. The best thing you can do to prevent that infestation is to call your tree company and let them remove the old stumps once and for all. 

Your Trees Aren’t Growing Like They Should

Believe it or not, trees can get sick, just like you. Once they catch a disease or get infected with certain fungi, they won’t be able to grow as effectively over time. If you’ve noticed a lack of growth or underperforming branches after a few months of living in your house, don’t wait. Call your tree service and get them to take a look. They may be able to remove infected growth to restore the health of the trees on your property. If not, they’ll be able to completely remove the trees, so the fungus and diseases won’t spread to other, healthier trees.

The Limbs Are Scraping Your Roof

Your home’s roof is the first and best defense against the elements. It protects your house from water damage and keeps the weather outside from influencing the temperatures inside. Unfortunately, even the highest quality roofing materials won’t be able to stand up to constant scraping and wear caused by low-hanging branches. 

Take a look at the roofline of your house. If you notice tree limbs hovering over the roof or coming into contact with the materials, call your tree company as soon as possible. Leaving those branches where they are puts you at serious risk of costly roof repairs. The sooner you get the tree limbs trimmed back, the safer your home will be. 

You’re Planning on Installing a Treehouse

If you have kids, encouraging them to spend time outdoors is one of the best things you can do. And nothing makes spending time outdoors more tempting than having a treehouse right in the backyard. If you’re thinking of installing one, whether you’re working with a professional or building it yourself, it’s always best to schedule an inspection with your tree company first.

During the inspection, they’ll make sure the trees on your property are in good condition and capable of standing up to the added weight and demands the treehouse will place on them. Even better, your tree service will be able to identify potential issues with the trees before they have a chance to cause catastrophic failure for the treehouse.

The Trees Are Too Close to Power Lines

When the original owner of the house planted the trees, they had no idea how large they would grow. This means the trees on your property may not be placed in the safest locations. Walk around your yard and take a look at the trees closest to your powerlines. 

If they’re so tall that they’re starting to push against the lines or are at risk of getting tangled in them, don’t wait. Contact your tree company as soon as possible. They’ll be able to trim the trees in a way that keeps them healthy while reducing the chance that they’ll grow into the power lines, disrupting your home’s power supply and increasing your risk of fires and property damage.

New Growth Looks a Bit Scraggly

Even unhealthy trees can continue to grow for years, but their growth will often be underwhelming at best. Pay attention to your trees’ performance throughout the growing season. If you notice that the new growth is only appearing in patches or on certain branches, call your tree company.

It’s likely that the trees need routine pruning and trimming in order to restore their growth patterns and preserve their health. Your tree company will be able to trim just the right amount from your trees without stunting their ability to grow in the future.

You’re Planning on Planting New Trees in the Yard

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to add value to your property. But you need to make sure you’re planting them in the right spots in your yard. If you’re not careful, you could end up crowding other plants in your landscaping or do serious damage to the structure of your house. Your local tree service can help. They’ll be able to inspect your yard and identify the best places on your property to plant those new trees. If you’re not sure what you want to plant, they’ll be able to make recommendations based on the conditions in your yard. 

Call Your Trusted Tree Company

If you recently purchased a new house and aren’t sure how to best care for your trees, don’t leave your trees’ health to chance. Contact the experts at Bear Creek Tree Service and let us help you keep your trees in good shape year-round. Whether you need routine pruning, have old stumps you need removed, or are worried about a tree’s proximity to power lines, our team will help you get your property in good shape quickly.
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