How to Safely Undecorate Your Yard After the Holidays According to Your Local Tree Service

December 21, 2020

Decorating for the holidays is a wonderful way to show off your personality and make sure others on your block can enjoy the shortest days of the year. But once the holidays are over, you’re left with a unique challenge: removing the decorations from your yard and landscaping safely. Though it’s doable, it’s not as simple as you might think. You need to be careful and take your time cleaning up after the holidays. Here are a few things your tree company wants you to do to reduce the risk of damage to yourself or your landscaping in the process.

Take Down Lights Carefully

Hanging lights on the trees around your yard is one of the best ways to show off your holiday spirit. But taking them down is often just as hard if not harder than putting them up. Use a ladder or tall step stool to help you get even with the lights on the higher branches. Then, take them down, one section of the tree at a time. Don’t rush the process. Be gentle as you unwrap the lights from the branches and trunks. This will reduce the risk of breaking bulbs as you go. If you’re working around younger limbs or fragile branches, use care. Lean against the trunk of the tree for support whenever you can to reduce the strain each branch is under during the procedure. Remember, it’s okay if this process takes a few days. It’s far better to go slow than it is to work as fast as you can only to cause serious damage to your trees and shrubs.

Use the Right Safety Equipment

Believe it or not, people get injured all the time while they’re removing decorations from their landscaping. Don’t be just another statistic. Instead, invest in the right safety equipment and use it while you’re working. Grab a pair of goggles or sturdy protective glasses to keep your eyes safe from flying plant matter as you work. Make sure your ladder is in good condition and ask a family member to hold it steady while you’re on it. Use thick leather gloves to protect your hands from cuts while you’re working and wear shoes with aggressive tread to give you traction on otherwise slippery surfaces. The more precautions you take before you start working, the better off you’ll be and the less likely it is that you’ll end up rushing to the hospital for treatment.

Get Your Trees Inspected A.S.A.P.

When you install holiday decorations on your own, there’s always a chance that the decorations and the installation process will have damaged the plants somehow. Though minor damage often heals quickly, even the smallest breaks or cracks in the limbs can put your trees and plants at risk for infestations, fungus growth, and disease. After you remove your holiday decorations, schedule an inspection with your trusted tree service. They’ll be able to inspect your trees for damage and identify any potential problems long before the growing season starts back up. Once they find them, they’ll be able to explain what you need to do to get your trees back in shape and can help set up a treatment plan to keep them healthy all year long.

Remove Heavy Lawn Ornaments Fast

If you’re like most homeowners, you put out large cutouts or inflatable decorations to add character to your holiday display. These additions make any house stand out from others on the block, but they’re not always the best for your lawn’s health. Remember, the larger a decoration is, the more stress it puts on the turf beneath it. Make sure to remove those heavy decorations quickly and let the grass and soil recover fully before placing anything back on that spot. If the decorations were particularly heavy, you may notice a depression in the grass. If this is the case, you’ll want to aerate that spot to help the soil rebound and recover after the winter months. Come spring, you may also need to spread new grass seed over that patch to help it blend in with the rest of your lawn. This is easier than it sounds. Just wet the soil once the weather warms up and sprinkle your preferred grass seed over the area. Water it again and let it do its thing. With a few routine watering sessions and some warmer weather, the seed will take and leave your lawn looking great.

Take Down Baubles From Tree Limbs Gently

If you have evergreens on your property, you probably hung some large ornaments on the branches. After all, what’s the holiday season without an overly decorated Christmas tree on display? Instead of taking them down quickly, be careful. Evergreen branches are flexible but moving too quickly and yanking on the ornaments is a surefire way to hurt the tree. Once all of the decorations are removed, take a moment to inspect the tree yourself. If you notice any broken branches or cracked limbs, call your tree service and let them inspect the damage. They may need to prune or remove the limbs in question to keep the rest of the tree healthy.

Be Mindful of Ice Buildup on Walkways

Though being careful around your trees is essential, it’s not the only place you should move with care. You need to be mindful of ice buildup on the walkways and driveway around your home. If you can, use an environmentally friendly ice melt to get rid of the buildup before you start taking down decorations. This will keep you safer and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents as you work. The less risk you have of falling, the less likely it is that you’ll end up needing serious medical treatment after the holidays.

Just Be Careful

The most important thing to remember when taking down decorations around the holidays is that it pays to be careful. Go slowly and keep the condition of your trees and landscaping in mind with every movement. If you notice any damage, schedule an appointment with the experts at Bear Creek Tree Service as soon as possible.
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