Get Your Landscaping Ready for Fall with Help from Your Denver Tree Trimming Service

October 23, 2020

In Denver, fall and winter weather can set in almost without warning. When this happens, your home’s landscaping may not always be ready to handle the change in temperatures. The best thing you can do is take care of a few preventative maintenance tasks that will set your landscaping up for winter without doing damage to your yard, your trees, or your home. Here are a few tips from your local tree company to help you get started.

Start Mowing Short
Your lawn doesn’t always stop growing immediately after the summer growing season is over. It can continue as long as the weather is warm and it gets enough water. Instead of letting it grow and leaving it until spring, start mowing it shorter. This will help slow the growth and makes it easier for you to aerate and fertilize your grass before the winter chill sets in. 

Fertilizing and aerating your lawn in the fall allows the soil to regain the nutrients your lawn used up during the summer. And the end result is a beautifully prepared lawn ready for the next growing season.  If you’re not sure how short to go, hire a landscaping company. They’ll be able to take care of the aeration, fertilizing, and mowing for you.

Schedule a Tree Trimming Appointment
Some years, Denver gets a lot of snow. Others, it gets a lot of ice. Both can put strain on your trees and cause limbs to break. This is dangerous no matter where it happens on your property. If the limb breaks over your roof, it can create leaks and increases your risk of mold, mildew, and unwanted pests who might try to nest in your attic. If it breaks over your driveway, it could damage your car or keep you from getting to work on time. 

The best thing you can do is get your trees trimmed before fall is in full swing. Pros can assess the condition of your trees and identify the limbs that are most at-risk for damage. By removing those limbs, your house and property will stay safer throughout the winter. 

Clean Your Gutters
Your gutters might not seem like an important feature of your home’s exterior, but they’re vital for keeping your landscaping in good shape. When they get clogged, rain and snowmelt alike will flow over the side of the gutters and down your house, landing on whatever is planted beneath. This can damage your landscaping, your trees, and even the foundation of your house.

Get your gutters cleaned after the leaves are off your trees. If you’re comfortable with heights, you can do the job yourself, but it’s always best to leave it to the pros. They’ll be able to assess the condition of your gutters and make any necessary repairs quickly. This way, you’ll be ready for winter without having to worry about unexpected clogs or damaged gutters that keep runoff from going where it’s supposed to.

Mulch Your Garden Beds and Trees
If you’re like most homeowners, you already use a healthy layer of mulch on your garden beds and around younger trees. It helps protect the roots from extreme temperatures and keeps the soil from eroding away in the wind and rain. But did you know that the mulch needs to get replaced every once in a while?

Mulch breaks down over time. It’s what allows it to contribute nutrients to your soil and helps keep your plants in good condition. When it starts to change color or breaks into smaller pieces than you remember, it’s time to spread new mulch. Of course, you can also get in the yearly habit of spreading new mulch before winter. That way, it’s always fresh and better able to protect the roots of the plants you love.

Create a Plan for Potted Plants
Potted plants are a great way to add color to a patio or deck. But they’re often neglected when the weather shifts. This creates a depressing feel to any porch or deck and can make your entire landscape design look less impactful. Instead of leaving them outside in the elements where they might freeze, create a plan for how to deal with them. 

Look for warmer interior rooms of your home where you can move them on those cold days. If they get natural light, great! If not, invest in some growing lamps to help them thrive even in dark rooms. Monitor the weather every few days and bring those pots in when the temps start to get down towards freezing. This will help you get the most out of your investment. And if they last the winter, you’ll have a bright pop of color for your yard before the rest of your neighbors.

Rake Your Leaves
Raking leaves takes time and effort. And while jumping into the pile once they’re all picked up is fun, scooping them up into that pile is one chore most homeowners hate. But it’s absolutely necessary for your yard and the health of your landscaping.

Leaves can trap moisture between themselves and your turf. Over time, this can lead to root rot and mold growth in the soil. When this happens, your yard and your landscaping will suffer, not just in the fall but in the next year’s growing season as well. Stay on top of your raking duties and keep them off your lawn and away from your plants whenever possible. 

Final Thoughts
Getting your landscape ready for winter takes time and a bit of dedication. But the payoff of a beautiful yard the next spring is well worth it. Just make sure your trees are ready for whatever winter throws their way. Remember, without them, your home won’t stay as cool and comfortable once summer is in full swing.

Contact us to schedule a tree trimming appointment today and let our experts get your trees ready to handle this year’s much anticipated snowfall without worry. We’ll make sure your trees are healthy and pose no threat to the safety of your house or your property.
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