Why Tree Trimming Is Important for Your Denver Area Business

October 16, 2020

As a business owner, you know that appearances matter. When your building looks great and is in good condition, customers and clients will have more confidence supporting your company. However, when it starts looking run-down, you’ll quickly start to see an increase in complaints and possibly even a decrease in business. Incorporating regular tree care appointments with an experienced tree company into your ongoing maintenance routine is not only smart, but it can save you serious money. Here are a few key reasons why professional tree care is so vital for your company. 

Reduces Liability
Falling limbs can be a serious problem when you have clients and customers coming into your building every day. Though most of those limbs will fall harmlessly on the ground, there’s always the risk that they’ll fall on someone’s car or hit a person on the way down. As a business owner, you’re liable for any damages and accidents that happen on your property. If someone’s injuries are severe enough or their vehicle is damaged enough, they can sue you and force you to pay for their medical treatment or repairs. Depending on the incident, this could cost you thousands of dollars. When you work with a professional tree care company, you’ll reduce your liability significantly. With preventative maintenance and care, professionals can identify at-risk limbs and remove them before they can fall unexpectedly. 

Keeps Your Building in Better Condition
When you invest in professional tree care, you’re not just reducing your liability risk. You’re also keeping your building in good condition. Falling branches can end up cracking windows, damaging the siding, and wrecking any outdoor light fixtures that are in their path. Professionals will be able to trim back the branches and keep the limbs from falling in the first place. Even better, they’ll be able to safely remove any damaged branches without hurting your building or the surrounding area. 

Extends the Life of Your Roof
One of the most common causes of roof damage, regardless of the type of roof you have in place, is due to the trees around your property. Low-hanging limbs can scrape along the surface of the roof and damage the materials themselves. If the limbs fall, the full weight of the wood will crash into the support structure of your roof, increasing the likelihood of severe structural repairs. By letting professionals take care of routine tree trimming and removal, you’ll keep your roof in good shape longer. That means fewer leaks, less water damage, and a lower roof maintenance bill each year.

Keeps the Landscaping Looking Great
Your building’s landscaping does a lot to encourage customer retention and boost employee morale. When the building and grounds look welcoming and beautiful, people will enjoy coming to your business. Unfortunately, damaged trees can negatively impact the appearance of your landscape design. They’re one of the most prominent features in the landscaping and are sure to draw attention at all times. When they’re underperforming or look unkempt, it can make the rest of your property look more run-down. When you make tree care a priority and keep them looking manicured and healthy, the rest of your landscaping will look better, too.

Lowers Ongoing Maintenance Costs
Since trees can scrape up your building or damage the exterior when they’re not well maintained, you can expect higher than normal maintenance costs. You’ll end up finding issue after issue and, if you’re not careful, risk your business’s budget on maintenance costs alone. With routine tree care, you’ll keep those costs lower. Any wear and tear to the building will be the types that you’d expect to see due to weather and regular use of the property. This means your maintenance budget will be more predictable, stable, and easier to plan for. That stability can make a huge difference during slower times of the year when your business isn’t as profitable as you’d like. 

Preserves Your Property Value
Believe it or not, your trees add a lot of value to your property. They help keep your building cool in the summer, improve the ambiance when they’re in bloom, and are one of the smartest investments you can make in the long run. However, you have to keep them in good condition to get the most value from every tree you plant. When you let an experienced professional take care of your routine tree care needs, you’ll know that they’ll stay healthier longer. The healthier and happier your trees are, the more value they add to your property and the easier it will be to attract new buyers if you need to sell or new tenants if you plan to rent the space out. That means less time sitting on a vacant property and more money in your pocket.

Saves You Time
Taking care of your trees is a time-consuming process. Not only do you need to learn how to use the different tools to care for your trees properly, but you also have to spend the time inspecting them, trimming each one properly, and looking for signs of damage and disease before they have a chance to do serious harm. If you’re not familiar with it, the job can take up the better part of your day. When you leave it to an experienced professional, you’ll be able to focus on running your business, not caring for your trees. You’ll spare yourself the time and frustration of mastering a new skill and can instead do what you do best.

Schedule an Appointment Now
If you’re ready to give your business the TLC it needs and want to keep your trees in good condition, don’t wait. Schedule a tree trimming appointment with Bear Creek Tree Service today. Our experienced team will make sure that your trees receive the care and attention they need to thrive for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a simple tree care service to trim overgrowth and keep your trees manicured or need an experienced professional to remove a diseased or dead tree from your property, we’re here to help. 
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