First-Time Homeowner Tree Care Tips from Your Local Tree Service

January 22, 2020

Buying a new house is an exciting process. Believe it or not, more than 5.34 million homes sold in 2018 and many of those went to first-time homebuyers. As a new homeowner, there’s a lot more to take care of than you might think and the most neglected and easily overlooked is your landscaping. Luckily, it’s easy to keep things in good condition, but it all comes down to preventative maintenance. Your local Denver tree company here to help. Here are a few simple tasks that will help you keep your trees and your house in good shape for years to come.

Look for Low-Hanging Limbs
Trees can grow surprisingly quickly if you’re not paying attention and when they do, their limbs and branches can pose a major safety hazard both to your loved ones and your home itself. Every month, walk around your property and look for branches that seem like they’re hanging a little too low. If they’re hovering just over your roof or over the driveway where you park your car, call a tree service and let them trim the branches back. This way, your property will be safe if the branches ever break under heavy snowfall or fall in the wind.

Look for Signs of Damage
Unfortunately, trees can get damaged by insects and pests. But it’s often possible to keep the trees healthy if you notice the infestation when it first starts. Take a look at the bark and make a note of any discoloration or burrows you see on the surface. These could indicate fungal infections or insect infestations that need to get treated immediately.

When the tree is actively growing and the branches are covered in leaves, pay attention to the color of those leaves. When the tree is healthy, the leaves should be relatively uniform in color. But if something is wrong, you may notice brown or yellowing leaves on the affected part of the tree. If you see anything that looks out of the ordinary, call your tree service. 

Get Dead or Dying Trees Removed ASAP
There’s no guarantee that the previous homeowner took care of their trees and this means you may end up finding a dead or dying tree on your property. Don’t try to cut it down yourself. Instead, call a tree removal expert and let them handle the job. Just make sure you get it done as soon as possible.

Dead or dying trees can fall when you least expect it. This puts your home, your property, and your loved ones at risk of injury. The sooner you get the tree removed, the better off your home will be.

Mark the Locations of Stumps
Stumps may seem harmless enough—it’s a sign that the previous owner did the responsible thing. But that doesn’t mean you should leave the stump in place. In fact, you’re better off removing it as soon as you can. 

Stumps are a major tripping hazard and since you’re responsible for everything that happens on your property, they increase your risk for a liability lawsuit. If a neighbor, friend, or even a workman gets injured, you could be forced to pay for their medical expenses. Getting rid of the stump will eliminate the tripping hazard, keeping your guests and your wallet safer in the long-run.

Mulch Around the Roots
It should come as no surprise that winters in Denver can get cold, but did you know that your trees’ roots can feel that cold? Sometimes, especially if the trees are younger, that cold can actually hurt the tree’s ability to grow in spring. The best thing you can do for your trees is to spread a layer of mulch around the base of the tree. Cover the roots with the mulch and let the tree do its thing. 

The mulch breaks down over time and deposits minerals and nutrients in the soil which help the tree grow more vibrantly in the warmer months. As an added bonus, the fresh mulch makes your landscaping look more polished so your neighbors will see just how much you care about your yard.

Don’t Hesitate to Plant New Trees
Maybe your yard is relatively barren and you’re not happy with the number of trees on your property. Maybe you just want to add shade in a certain part of your yard. Whatever the reason, take matters into your own hands and plant new trees as you see fit. 

New trees can add significant value to your property, making it easier to sell your house down the road. Just make sure you choose the right tree for the space and your yard. Remember, some species aren’t cut out for the Colorado climate. If you’re not sure what to plant, ask your tree service or landscaping company for advice. 

Avoid Getting Overly Fussy
Your trees aren’t going to need the same amount of maintenance and care that your flowerbeds and garden will. You won’t have to worry about weeding every week and once they’re established, you probably won’t have to worry about watering them every few days unless the weather is extremely hot and dry. In fact, you’ll likely be able to just let them sit and grow without much ongoing maintenance. 

When in doubt, go with your gut and only take care of tasks that you can tell actually need to get taken care of. If you’re ever unsure, you can schedule an inspection with your tree company and let them assess the condition of your trees. 

Help Is Just a Phone Call Away
Moving to a new home should be exciting, but for first-time homeowners, the thought of caring for trees and landscaping can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do it on your own. Use these tips to get started and call to schedule an appointment if you ever need a little extra help. 

At Bear Creek Tree Service, we want to help you keep your trees in good condition. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or are moving into your second home, you should never feel like you have to be on your own when it comes to caring for your trees. 
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