Simple Ways to Decorate Your Landscaping from Your Trusted Tree Service

December 3, 2019

The holidays are almost here. That means it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home’s interior and exterior for the season. If you’re like most homeowners, decorating your house can feel daunting. And after a long summer and fall caring for your landscaping, tacking up decorations may not seem like the best idea. As long as you’re careful, you’ll be able to create a beautiful display without hurting your trees, shrubs, and landscaping. Here are a few simple tips from your trusted tree company in Denver.

Stick with Lightweight Lawn Decorations
Even when your grass isn’t actively growing, its roots can still get damaged. Heavy items like large potted plants and wooden nativity scenes can compress the soil in your yard. When this happens, it puts strain on your grass’s roots and can compress the dirt around them until they can’t draw the nutrients up from the soil when spring comes around again.

The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to stick with lightweight lawn decorations. Light aluminum stake decorations, solar stake lights, and plywood cutouts are all great options. When installed correctly, they won’t put strain on your grass and will leave you with a flawless looking lawn once the growing season starts up in earnest. 

Use Plastic Ornaments Outside
In Denver, many yards have at least one evergreen tree that makes it easy and tempting to load the branches up with ornaments and tinsel. You can, as long as your homeowners association allows it. But that doesn’t mean you should go all out with whatever ornaments you have on hand. You need to be selective.

Instead of using heavy ceramic or glass ornaments, stick with outdoor-rated plastic ornaments. These will hold up to the sun’s harsh UV rays without fading and are light enough to prevent damage to your trees. As an added bonus, they won’t shatter if the wind knocks them off the branches or into one another.

Double-Check Every Strand of Lights 
Nothing adds holiday cheer to your yard like a vibrant light display. But if you’re not careful, those lights can do serious damage to your trees and your landscaping. When hanging the lights, inspect each strand before you put it up. If any of the protective housing looks damaged or you notice that some of the bulbs are broken in their sockets, it’s best to buy a new strand altogether.

All electrical components, like the wire or the filaments inside the bulbs, generate heat when the light strand is plugged in. When the lights are in good shape and the components are protected, they’re insulated against that heat. But when they’re damaged and the components are exposed, they can create sparks and catch your landscaping on fire or scorch your plants. 

Pick Up All Fallen Leaves
Dried leaves may make your yard look festive, but they’re a major fire hazard. Leaving them in place puts your yard and your home at risk for fire damage. Think of it this way: even if your holiday lights are in good shape, you never know when someone walking or driving past will toss a cigarette out the window. That burning butt can spark the dried leaves in your yard and do serious damage before you even notice what’s happening.

As soon as you see leaves collecting on your lawn, rake them up and dispose of them properly. This means bagging them and taking them to the landfill, not burning them in the backyard. Most parts of the Denver metro area ban leaf burning, especially during dry periods as it’s hard to control the embers and protect your neighbors’ property from damage.

Use Your Home’s Exterior to Your Advantage
Though holiday decorations on the lawn are a great place to start, they’re not the only options you have. Look at your home’s exterior and use it to your advantage. If you have railings, hang garlands off the railings rather than on your plants. Mount wreaths on your door and put decorative window clings on your home’s windows. 

These simple decorations won’t hurt your landscaping or your home’s exterior and are easy to install on your own in a matter of minutes. For homeowners decorating on a budget or working with a time crunch, you’ll still be able to add flair and make your home look festive fast and on the cheap.

Use Timers on Your Lights
Leaving your holiday lights on at all times may be a wonderful way to entertain the neighborhood, but it’s not smart for your landscaping. Those lights produce a lot of heat after they’re on for a while. This can do damage to your plants if you’re not careful. 

Instead, save yourself the frustration and put your lights on timers. You can program them to turn on and off on their own so you’ll know that everyone can enjoy your light display whether you’re home or not. Even better, since they turn off on their own, your energy bills will stay lower. You won’t accidentally leave the lights on for days on end!

Embrace Inflatables
Sometimes, you just want to make a statement and nothing does that better than a gigantic lawn decoration. But larger decorations often mean heavier decorations. Instead of sticking with the traditional decoration options, consider using inflatable decorations.

These are the perfect statement piece and since they’re full of air, they’re relatively lightweight. Just make sure you find a safe place to run the air compressor to keep the decorations inflated. Setting the inflatable close to a walkway or near your front porch is a simple way to make sure the motor stays off the grass. 

Embrace the Holiday Spirit 
This year, don’t be afraid to decorate your yard. Just make sure you use these tips to keep your landscaping safe at all times. If you’re worried about your trees’ abilities to support the weight of the ornaments you want to hang, schedule an inspection with our team. We’ll help you determine which trees are safe to decorate and which ones are best left alone this winter.
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