Carbon Sequestration and Impact: How Trees Benefit your Surroundings with your Denver Tree Expert

Beyond beautifying our neighborhoods and planet as a whole, trees have many other benefits. These tall green giants are very important to our planet's overall health. Interested in aiding carbon sequestration and decreasing temperatures in your area? We here at Bear Creek Tree Services can help! Planting a tree, or two or three, or more is not our bread and butter. We mostly are in the business of maintaining and removing trees however, we will do what we can! Choosing the best type of tree for your area can be made easy with our blog on the top trees to plant in Denver. Need to remove others in order to start a new stand? We will ensure safe removal by our trained professionals and using specialized practices.

Like all plants, you cannot just stick a tree in the ground and hope it will survive. Watering schedules and protection from predators is also important. We can help with your plant's healthcare as well. As your tree grows and develops, so does its ability to benefit our planet! Though we are speaking more about individual trees, we will be using the benefits of young versus old forest stands to highlight how a tree/trees impact our planet.

Young Forests

Characterized with trees aging around 10 to 20 years old, these are the most efficient at removing carbon from the air. As the young trees grow rapidly, they take in larger amounts of CO2 than their older selves. Not only do young forests take in more CO2, they also promote a higher level of diversity in wildlife and vegetation. Maturing trees produce more berries and seeds and attract a larger variety of insects which is desirable to migratory birds and other animals. Beyond playing a large role in carbon sequestration, young stands develop and turn into old stands which benefit the planet in their own way. 

Old Forests

While less CO2 is being pulled out of the atmosphere, old forests are incredible at storing carbon. With a larger root network and more leaves on the tree, carbon has more to “sink” into. Old forests hold the history of an area. Though, without proper maintenance these stands can become less beneficial to their surroundings. Quality management of old forests will allow them to continue absorbing carbon over time and provide habitat to wildlife as well.

We hope you have found this brief look at trees and their importance educational. If you have an older tree stand with sick or dying trees, reach out to us. We will be able to help remove the old and reintroduce the new with our stellar team. Contact us here today for a consultation and quote!
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