How Stump Grinding Can Benefit Your Landscape

Some see fallen trees or bare stumps left after being cut as an eyesore. If you are looking to remove a stump, look no further than Bear Creek Tree Service! While the canopy of your tree may be gone, a massive network of roots still windes through the ground beneath. Our trained professionals will aid you in proper removal and can leave you with healthier soil and mulch! Beyond the aesthetics of removal, stumps can also attract unwanted pests. Carpenter ants and termites as well as mushrooms might take up residence in the decaying stump. This increases the risk of potential infection not only in your yard but those neighboring. Without a home, pests are less likely to ail your landscape and there are many more benefits to clearing up room in your yard as well!

Removing tree stumps allows for new growth

When removing stumps, there is more area available for other plants. Over time, the roots beneath begin to decay and become one with the surrounding soil. This can strengthen your soil horizon where the tree once was. Other plants as well as a tree of similar or different species can be replanted where the stump once was! Young trees process CO2 more quickly than older trees and as the newly introduced tree grows, it becomes better at absorbing and sequestering CO2. Thanks to the increased number of leaves above and roots in the soil, planting a new tree can be very beneficial. You will also have new life and added aesthetic value as the tree develops!


Stump grinding provides mulch, on site! Removing a potential habitat for pests and fungus while providing landscape cover is a multifaceted benefit to grinding. You can redistribute your once living tree across your landscape keeping its “life” around while protecting topsoil and deterring weed growth. Instead of paying for already chipped wood, use what you already have!

When you don’t grind

If you decide to keep your stump, there are many ways to transform it into something else. We can assess your tree's risk of infection or infestation and advise whether removal is the best option for your yard and those around. If the decision is to leave the stump, you can create “living” planters, a birdbath, pieces of art and other visually appealing lawn decor to name a few. While we here at Bear Creek are in the business of removing stumps, we also encourage repurposing when possible.

In the market for more yard space and stump removal? Reach out to us for a consultation and quote! Our trained professionals will work with you to create the best plan for your stump and surroundings. Contact us here to begin today!

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