Plant Pests with your Denver Tree Expert

Summer is here. Out come the bugs and squirrels get bolder. While insects are beneficial for pollinating our local plants, some can also cause damage. Have you experienced bugs snacking on your foliage? Too many beetles in your tree? Termites in the trunk? We are going to cover some of the most prominent pests in our local environment and how to remedy them.



There are many insects and they become pests when they do undesirable things. Such as, eating trees, bore into branches and trunks, etc. There are many different types and insects and we are going to take a look at some of the most pervasive, how they harm our plants, and how to remedy these issues.



There are over 350 species of aphids. They are the most common insects found in trees and other foliage however, most only feed on select plants. If you have pine trees in your yard they are a potential snack for our local aphids. If you begin to experience little nibbles you can introduce lady beetles to your space as they are natural predators for aphids. If you don't want more critters around, simply washing these pests off of leaves and stems is also effective, however, not water efficient.


Emerald Ash Borer

If you have gone camping in the past 10 years you probably have been warned of the dangers that accompany transporting dried wood from one place to another. Though emerald ash borers tear through living trees, it is by transporting firewood that they have been able to spread far and wide throughout the states. Initially indigenous to Asia, the emerald ash borer does not have many native predators and seem to be here to stay against all efforts to eradicate them. If you stumble across these pests do not remove any wood from the area!


Japanese Beetle

Another non native invasive species, these beetles are known to chew threw plants indiscriminately. Though not many plague us out west if you do find these opalescent terrors on

your plants do not worry. The best way to rid of Japanese beetles is to flick them into a bowl or container filled with water and a squirt of dish soap.

If you are looking for a hand in dealing with pests, we here at bear creek tree service offer spring and summer plant maintenance to help you with those bugs! Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment.

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