How trees can save your wallet

Beyond their beauty, trees are incredible for a plethora of reasons. We are going to dive into how trees help our planet and how they can also help your wallet. 

Quick science lesson

Trees are important for many reasons in our environment. They provide habitat for many local critters along with food and sometimes even an escape route! Thanks to strong, deep, and spreading roots, trees increase soil retention and aid in storing excess carbon dioxide.

Here in Colorado, our native tree species tend to be more coniferous however, we have some deciduous trees as well. Take a look at the top trees to grow in Denver for examples of each! Conifers have needle-like tines adorning their branches that don't drop while leaves found on deciduous trees are broader and change color with the seasons. Both of these types of trees are beneficial for not only our environment but our mental health and wallets as well.

Green space

Many studies have been completed analyzing the effects of greenspace on the individual and mental health. As we continue to urbanize our society, carving out areas for green space and cultivating our own at home becomes increasingly important! A study published in 2019 found linkages between improved wellbeing and urban green spaces however, there is still more work to be done. Green spaces act as oasis’ in the concrete jungles we have built. It is within these places that we can reconnect with nature, take time for ourselves, and even cool off on a hot summer day. Completely free, these places can be incredible for our mental health, possibly reducing therapy costs? Beyond bettering our person, trees and greenspaces improve our surroundings. They can even impact how much money we have in our wallets!

Wallet savings

As noted above, trees provide many beneficial environmental services. Not only can they provide food and shelter but also cleaner air and better soil. At home, trees up your green game and could impact how much green you have in your wallet! Providing shade, trees can cut down on your electric bills. Less sunlight seeping in will keep your home cooler and the AC turned down. 

As you have seen, trees can save you and our planet big time! Luckily, we are in the business of trees; from planting, to maintenance, to removal, we do it all! To us, trees are as important as they are beautiful. This is why we strive to service any of your needs! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any of your tree needs.

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