Springtime plant services

Spring is here and your plants are waking. Looking for aid in growing them big and strong?  We here at Bear Creek want to help you start off on the right foot. Our springtime services are perfect for protecting your plants while helping them grow to their greatest extent.

Bug spray for your plant babies

Warmer weather brings back the bugs. Here in Colorado from aphids to grasshoppers, there are a plethora of pests that want to eat your plants. Before you notice your leaves getting nibbled, reach out to us! We can shield your shrubs and trees from obnoxious critters. Our professionals will spray your plants thoroughly, keeping the bugs away.

Fungal fighters

Beyond insects and mites, fungus can threaten young saplings and budding shrubs. We want to ensure that your plants thrive which is why we offer a protective oil service. Coating your foliage in the spring prevents harmful fungus and pest attacks. We want to ensure your plants are protected from anything that can cause sickness. 

Increasing your nutrients

With the dryer climate here in Colorado soils can use a little help. Here at Bear Creek we are able to inject nutrients directly into your soil. Using a mycorrhiza solution we can increase the nutrients available to your plants. The mycorrhiza solution deposits beneficial fungi into the soil which converts surrounding detritus and material into enriched soil. This inground fertilizer is like a protein shake for your plants helping them grow big and strong. After injection we will track your plants progress and if needed can apply time release fertilizer to add help when needed!

This spring work with our team to set your plants up for success. The change in seasons brings more moisture and warmth which encourages fungus to grow and allows insects to thrive. Reach out to us here and take at what else we can assist you with!
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