Why stump grinding? With your Denver tree expert

Something to consider as the ground begins to thaw, ridding your yard of fallen storm damaged trees or old stumps. Spring cleaning is right around the corner and removing dead or decaying debris from your space fits the bill! Ridding of these allows for new growth of a healthy kind. Many issues can arise from stumps that are left too long and we want to remedy those problems before they even arise!

The most common problem we come across is an infestation of some insect. When stumps are left alone, the elements take their toll as well as the rest of mother nature. The decaying wood makes perfect food and shelter for ants and termites alike. The already decomposing material makes for easy eats and burrowing. A major issue that can arise from an infestation of one space is the potential for spread. You do not want carpenter ants or termites taking up residence anywhere in your yard, they may eventually work their way to your healthy foliage. Though most species prefer the already dead wood, there are a few which will target your living plants and trees. Before you have to deal with these pests, reach out to us to get that stump gone! 

Another issue with leaving old stumps is they are a hazard. One more unnecessary obstacle to maneuver around during mowing or simply taking up space where the kids could play. Removing these obstacles from your yard reduces the likelihood of injury as well as minimizes the possibility of unwanted fungal or infectious growth in or on your stump. Dealing with fungus and infection is important for a similar reason to that of dealing with insect infestations, to mitigate spread. Before your stump blooms let's get it removed!

Lastly, a small but still prominent issue of leaving stumps in the ground, you have nowhere to plant a new tree! Here at Bear Creek we work to remove everything that might inhibit the growth of your next tree and can leave the ground in a manner suitable for replanting if so desired! From enlarging your space to making it safer, there are many advantages to grinding your old stumps.

Concerned about the rest of your landscaping during this removal process? No matter how tight the area, our team has been trained to operate specialized equipment while keeping the rest of your property in mind. Using safe equipment we provide protection from branches, chips, rocks, and other miscellaneous debris. Often beautification is a driving reason for stump removal and so we work our hardest to leave your space looking as good as it did before we got there, if not better!

Give us a call today and ask about stump grinding. We service in Denver and the surrounding areas and would love to help you get your yard ready for the warmer weather!
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