The importance of pruning from your trusted tree service

Though trees are tough, they still need a little TLC. From weather to sickness there are many reasons why pruning is crucial for both your tree's health as well as your safety. Falling branches are a hazard. They block roads, take down power lines, crush homes, and are costly to move. We are going to take a look at each of these hazards and how pruning can be the best solution to a problem that has yet to arise protecting you, your wallet, and your home! 

Blocked Roads

Few enjoy commuting for work and when met with traffic, the drive seems even more laborious. While too many cars on the road is a contributing factor to slowed speeds, so are blocked paths. Have you ever tried to get downtown only to be turned around by closed roads? While there are many reasons for these detours, downed branches are an issue that can be remedied before suffering the consequences. At Bear Creek we offer deadwood removal as a way to rid branches before they break. Beyond blocking the way, falling branches can cause some other major issues such as taking out power lines.

Downed Power Lines

Losing power is a hindrance and depending on the season, can be an even larger problem. While in these winter months with our heat pumping, we expect our homes to stay warm not only for our benefit but for that of our water pipes and belongings as well. Branches fall indiscriminately and can take out anything in their reach on the way down, power lines included. Another service we offer here at Bear Creek is crown thinning. Severe weather such as freezing rain, wind, or lightning can cause limbs to snap. Crown thinning is a process in which we remove branches that obstruct wind from passing through or are just simply too much for the tree to handle. When there is too much strain, branches will snap and come crashing down not only taking out power lines but possibly our homes and businesses. 

Home Damage

Roofs, siding, and windows are all susceptible to damage from falling branches. A way to mitigate these costly repairs is to enlist us to balance your tree. This process not only leaves your trees looking more appealing but also helps disperse the weight of the tree evenly. 

Costly Removal and a Pain in the you know what

Here at Bear Creek Tree Service we offer after storm and tree clean up services however, after branches fall your trees are left damaged and susceptible to taking on more. A service we offer called corrective pruning allows us to help your hurting tree by trimming away damaged portions encouraging healthy and proper regrowth.
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