Top trees to grow in the Denver area from your trusted tree service

Here at Bear Creek Tree Service, your tree care experts want to encourage you to practice healthy landscaping methods and maintenance. Removing trees is as important as establishing new ones and we can help you choose what to grow!

Listed below are our top five trees to consider growing here in the Denver area. We’ve selected these five based on their origins of growth, curb appeal, and positive impacts on their surroundings such as encouraging biodiversity and increasing wildlife. 

Gambel Oak

The gambel oak, otherwise known as scrub oak, is a top choice for our densely packed residents. Among Colorado's major tree species this deciduous beauty grows to approximately 10-15 feet making it perfect for tighter spaces. Often located in areas with low precipitation, water is only needed when establishing the tree making it perfect for our dry climate. With leaves of dark green and crackly bark the gambel oak is a beautiful and practical tree to plant in your landscape.

Pacific Sunset Maple

Another residential favorite is the pacific sunset maple. Not only is it well liked for its resilience to drought, in the fall it sports beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and red. Growing to 30 ft when fully mature, this is an incredible medium sized tree for your home! Here at Bear Creek we also love the pacific sunset maple because it has fewer limbs and is a bit shorter than other sunset maples. Having fewer branches in the tree’s crown allows for wind to pass through rather than be blocked; this is advantageous here in Denver during the colder seasons when strong winds are present. These trees are a realistic way to add some spunk to your yard and keep maintenance minimal!

Blue Spruce

This coniferous contender is a staple in the Colorado landscape, growing upwards of 115ft this tree can tower above a 10 story building. Not only is this magnificent tree rated as one of the most popular evergreens, it is also our state’s tree! The blue spruce enjoys well drained and sandy soils, if you have a creek or stream nearby these are great with their shallow roots.If you are a birder, plop one of these beauties in your plot and watch as siskins, nuthatches, and crossbills take up residence!


Another well known conifer is the douglas-fir. Towering over the blue spruce at about 130ft, this tree brings the wonder of the forest to you. Often found amongst other conifers or within pure stands (soley composed of douglas firs) they can create a natural feeling of uniformity whilst enchanting the viewer or inhabitant of the space.

Ponderosa Pine

Lastly we have the tallest of our coniferous picks, the ponderosa pine. Soaring to heights of 160ft, this giant does best in larger spaces. Not a top choice for our tighlighty woven residents, those who have a bit more land to work with should consider planting ponderosa pines alongside douglas-firs. Industrial or commercial spaces would benefit from planting these and the natural coloradan atmosphere they create!

We hope that you have found this list helpful when considering how to compose your arboreal landscape. Though tree removal and maintenance services are our bread and butter, we understand the importance of trees within our urban and natural environments. Planting trees suited for your area increases the likelihood of their healthy growth and also contributes to the restoration of natural ecosystems. Call us today for further information on how to care for your trees.
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