In a Winter Wonderland: what we can do for you! A look at our winter services

Living in a place that gets all four seasons has its benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, the variety of temperatures allows for a wide range of activities. On the other hand, changing conditions keep us on our feet and we must know how to keep ourselves, cars, and trees happy and safe through all the changes. This winter don’t worry about a stuck vehicle, fallen limbs, or the health of your plants, we have got your back with our winter services here at Bear Creek!

Snow is something we all look forward to, until it falls. Here in Colorado, snow is essential for winter sports as well as replenishing our water systems. Without snow, our $4.8 million skiing industry would not flourish nor would the individuals employed by the approximate 46,000 year round equivalent jobs created within the industry. However, in order to get to the mountains, first, you must make it out of your driveway and off your street! No worries, we offer a plethora of snow removal services so you can focus on fun this holiday season! 

Looking for your street or neighborhood plowed? Our snow removal experts are available 24/7 to clear your way. Not only do we deal in large scale removal, we also do detailed snow removal. Any pathway, sidewalk, or stoop we will get rid of the ice and snow for you! 

Beyond snow removal services, we offer tree pruning as well. Ice and snow can weigh heavily on your branches and can cause them to snap. Before this happens, call us in to do a health pruning. There are many benefits to removing dead or dying branches. Prescriptive pruning  keeps your tree healthy as well as lessens the likelihood of an unwanted limb falling into your yard or on your home. 

In the same vein of keeping your plants happy, we’ve got you covered with plant healthcare! In the winter season we can apply oils and insecticides to protect your trees while they are dormant. Another issue that plagues our plants in the winter is a lack of moisture in the soil. By doing deep root watering we ensure that your trees are getting the hydration they need to make it through the winter.

Don’t let the cold and snow leave you bitter this season. You can rely on us while you relax! Reach out to us here and we will make all your winter worries disappear.
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