7 Reasons to Leave Stump Removal to the Pros

December 18, 2019

Whether you cut down a tree or moved to a property where one was removed years ago, those old stumps can be more than an eyesore. They’re a safety hazard and put you at risk for costly liability suits should anyone get injured on your property. While your homeowners insurance will help protect you from liability, it’s best if you can avoid the suits in the first place. Getting rid of those old stumps is the best place to start. But should you do it yourself? Definitely not! Here’s why you should always leave it to your local Denver tree service

They Know What They’re Doing
Removing a stump isn’t as simple as it seems. When trees grow, there’s an entire network of roots beneath the soil. And those roots extend well beyond the stump itself. To keep new trees from popping up where you least expect them, it’s important to remove as much of that root system as possible. If you try to dig up the stump yourself, you’ll end up getting just a small portion of the tree.

Professional tree care experts know how to remove stumps completely. When they’re done, your yard will be free of unwanted roots and potentially damaging new growth. 

Pros Have the Right Equipment
You need more than an ax and a shovel to get rid of even small stumps. And once you remove them from the soil, you have to find a way to dispose of them. Otherwise, they’ll litter your yard and make it unsafe for visitors, friends, and family. Worse, it will take far longer to get the job done. And while you can rent much of the equipment at a hardware store, it can cost you hundreds of dollars.

When you hire professionals, they have the right equipment on-hand to get the job done right as quickly as possible. Though you’ll have to pay for the service, you’ll end up saving more money in the process. There are no rental fees and you won’t have to worry about paying for delivery of those rental tools just to get started!

Experience Improves Safety
Landscaping equipment isn’t the easiest to operate. Worse, it’s incredibly easy to get injured if you’re not used to handling it or moving heavy stumps and debris on a regular basis. And the last thing any homeowner wants to do is throw out their back trying to move something the wrong way.

Professionals work with the tools they use every day. They know how to use them safely and efficiently. Even better, they move the heavy loads for you so there’s no risk of you getting hurt in the process. You’ll still be able to enjoy your weekend plans without having to worry about icing that sore back.

Prevents Damage to the Rest of the Yard
Removing a dead stump can be tough when there are other trees and landscaping close by. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to damage those plants while trying to remove the stump and its root system. This can cause your entire landscaping to look less pristine and diminishes the impact your careful planting has on your curb appeal. 

Professional tree and stump removal teams can get rid of those stubborn stumps without destroying the surrounding landscaping. They take every precaution to keep your yard looking great and know how to decrease the impact their activity has on your lawn. This means your yard will recover faster from the stump removal than it would if you do the job yourself. If you plan on entertaining guests or are selling your home, this can make all the difference. 

They Guarantee Proper Cleanup
All stump removal tasks, whether professional or DIY, create waste. There’s the stump itself, sawdust, dirt, and roots that all need to get picked up before you can start landscaping your yard as normal. When you hire a professional team to do the job, you’ll know that your yard will be clean and free of debris once they’re done.

They’ll break the stump down, dispose of any stones and roots, and fill in the hole left by the stump to protect you from liability. By the time they’re done, your yard will be ready for maintenance as normal and you won’t have to worry about changing your habits.

Pros Can Help You Care for Your Other Trees
During the stump removal appointment, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to your other trees. After all, the sooner you find damage, the easier it is to fix the problem. But if you’re doing things on your own, those first symptoms of mold or insect damage can be hard to spot. 

Pros can assess the condition of your other trees. And if anything looks out of the ordinary or they notice limbs that need pruning and trimming, they’ll be able to make those recommendations to you. While they may not be able to take care of the other trees during the stump removal appointment, they can help you develop a tree care plan to give them the best chance possible. 

Pros Are Fast
Stump removal is time-consuming. And to do things right, it can take several hours, but it will take far longer if you try to do it on your own. This can take valuable time away from your other maintenance tasks and could disrupt your entire weekend. 

When you leave it to the pros, you’ll know that the removal will get done quickly and efficiently. Experienced crews do this every day. They know what works and what doesn’t and will do everything they can to get the job done as quickly as possible. 

Don’t Leave That Stump Sitting
The sooner you can get old stumps removed from your yard, the better off you’ll be. Remember, stumps can get in the way of mowing, weeding, and pose a safety hazard to family and friends alike. Don’t put off stump removal any longer than you already have. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. Our experienced pros will get rid of it safely and permanently.
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