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Taking care of the trees and shrubs around your yard is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value while making your yard stand out from others on the block. Though Colorado’s climate makes it easy to help trees, bushes, and shrubberies thrive, there are always risk factors you’ll have to contend with. Regular appointments with your local tree service are a great place to start, but at Bear Creek Tree Service, we want to help you keep your trees healthy year-round.

What We Do

Our experienced team understands the unique risk factors trees and bushes in Colorado have to deal with. Unfortunately, plant diseases and insect infestations can destroy your plants and leave your yard looking unkempt in a matter of weeks. Our preventative services will help protect your trees and shrubs from the most common hazards. 

Springtime Preventative Measures

Springtime maintenance is essential to give your plants the added nutrients they need to start the growing season strong.

  • As the weather warms up, fungi, insects, and other hazards start to become a major issue. The new growth is particularly vulnerable, but with the right treatments in place, your plants will be able to thrive.
  • At the beginning of spring, our technicians will spray your trees and shrubs with a protective layer of dormant oil. This helps drive mites and other insects away and protects the new growth when it’s most vulnerable. 
  • We’ll also inject nutrients right into the soil to help both new and established trees get the nutrients they need quickly. Depending on the conditions of your soil, we’ll use a mycorrhiza solution which deposits beneficial fungi into the soil to enrich the soil’s nutrients and make them more bioavailable to your plants. Our team will inspect each tree and shrub and apply a time-released fertilizer to areas where plants are under stress.

Summer Targeted Treatments

Summer’s warm conditions is the perfect environment for common tree-damaging pests and insects. Our tree care team will assess the needs of each tree on your property and will spray preventative treatments to protect your plants accordingly. 

  • We follow a three-spray treatment routine for the most common threats like aphids, sawflies, mites, and leaf miners. The first treatment is applied in the beginning of the summer and keeps most of the insects at bay.
  • In July and August, our team will add another preventative treatment to target new insects that survived the first treatment. Our final treatment prepares your trees for fall and helps keep insects from burrowing inside the trunk as the temperatures drop.
  • For homes in areas with increased risk of ash borers, pine bark beetles, or spruce ips beetles, we’ll take the appropriate measures to protect your trees from those risks. If the insects start causing problems on your property, our tree care team will help mitigate the damage quickly.


As autumn’s cooler temperatures start to take hold, your trees will require different care.

  • During these cooler months, we’ll apply a slow-release fertilizer to help the roots get the nutrients they need to survive winter’s harsh conditions.
  • When the root system is kept in good condition, your trees and shrubs will be able to rebound in the spring and produce the beautiful blooms and leaves you love.
  • During those treatments, our team can also assess the condition of your trees and take care of any pruning that needs to happen before winter is in full swing. Pruning does more than just reduce the amount of dead growth or fragile limbs on trees of all sizes. It also helps reduce the risk of insect infestations in the trunk.
  • When the growth is healthy, insects will find it harder to burrow inside and damage the tree, further reducing the risk of disease. 


Though winter maintenance is minimal, your trees still need insect control to survive the winter months.

  • Our team will use the appropriate insecticide and oil to keep your trees healthy even when they’re dormant. We’ll also take care to keep the roots of your trees and shrubs properly hydrated.
  • During the winter months, it’s normal for the soil to dry out. For younger and less established plants, those dry spells put the roots at risk. With regular deep root watering sessions, we’ll be able to keep your trees and shrubs from struggling. This can be done as needed, depending on how dry the weather is.
  • In periods of heavy snowfall, your plants should have access to more than enough moisture. Don’t worry—we’ll help you come up with the right plan for your plants.

Addressing Risks, Year-Round 

Keeping your trees and shrubs in good condition so they can provide you with the beautiful growth your home’s exterior depends on requires ongoing maintenance and care. That means you’ll need to schedule appointments throughout the year to address changing risk factors before they have a chance to damage your plants. 

  • The best way to keep your trees healthy is to prevent disease and insect infestations every month of the year.
  • Commercially available pesticides and herbicides often hurt your trees and can end up encouraging infestations rather than preventing them.
  • Our treatments work to prevent the problems in the first place and won’t threaten your trees’ health when they’re applied.
  • At Bear Creek, we know that every yard and landscape is different, but the hazards across the Front Range remain the same.
  • Our team will help you come up with a custom approach to keep your plants healthy and growing strong throughout the year. No matter what type of trees you have on your property, we’re here to help you care for them. 

Don’t Put Off an Appointment

Bear Creek Tree Service is proud to have serve the greater Denver Metro area with all of their tree care needs since 2004. We believe that your trees are the most important part of your home’s landscaping and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they stay healthy year-round.

Schedule an appointment with our tree care professionals today and let us help you keep your trees looking great for years to come!

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