How Long a Tree Can Live in Lakewood, CO

While landscaping, you may want to know the age of current trees and how long both new and existing ones could last. Knowing this can help you create the best plan for your property. 

However, figuring out how long a tree can live can be a bit tricky as it depends on a number of factors. By understanding these factors and knowing where to find premium tree services in Lakewood, CO, you can have a better chance of helping your tree live a long, healthy life.

Tree Lifespan

A tree’s lifespan can vary greatly. Some live for a few dozen years, while others can live for thousands of years. In fact, the world’s oldest living tree is the Great Basin bristlecone pine, which is over 5,000 years old.

Tree survival duration of common tree species include:

  • Oak: 150-300 years
  • Pine: 50-450 years; some can reach over 1,000 years
  • Maple: 80-100 years
  • Apple: 50-80 years

Tree Longevity Factors

The tree’s species will have the greatest impact on how long a tree can live. In fact, it can affect the lifespan by hundreds of years. But environmental factors can also affect this. 

Some tree lifespan factors that help trees live longer include:

  • Enough space both above and below ground
  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Adequate access to sunlight
  • Regular pruning of dead or diseased wood
  • Drought-free environment
  • Immediate treatment of diseases
  • Immediate treatment of insect infestations

Meanwhile, certain factors can actively decrease arboreal lifespan. In some cases, they could even lead to early death. These include:

  • Poor watering practices
  • Not fertilizing nutrient-deficient soil
  • Soil erosion or compaction
  • Poor pruning practices
  • Repetitive insect infestations
  • Untreated disease

How Old Is Your Tree?

The tree aging process leaves behind changes in the tree’s anatomy that can help you figure out how old your tree is. There are two main methods: physical ring counting and size estimation.

For a physical ring count, you can use an increment borer to take a core from a live tree. Then, you can count the number of annual rings.

Alternatively, you can measure the circumference of the trunk about 4.5 feet above the ground. Find the radius by dividing the circumference by 3.14 and dividing the result by two. 

Look up the average width of an annual ring for your tree species. Divide the radius by the width of an average ring to get the approximate age.

Help Your Tree Live to a Ripe Old Age

Even though how long a tree can live can vary greatly, taking good care of it can help you maximize its lifespan. Working with the professionals at Bear Creek Tree Service can make it easier to do so.

But if the worst happens, and you need to remove your tree, we can handle the removal. We’ll also take care of the stump after tree cutting to ensure there are no residual hazards.

Looking for tree services you can count on in Lakewood, CO? Call Bear Creek Tree Service at (720) 299-1409 to schedule your free consultation.

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