Does Trimming Trees Prevent Root Growth in Aurora, CO?

Trimming a tree can impact its overall health and appearance. But are the effects positive, or are there downsides? Does trimming trees prevent root growth? 

The answer to this question is a bit tricky and will depend on a few factors. Luckily, getting assistance from a professional tree service can help you figure out whether you should trim your tree and how it will affect it. 

How Does Tree Trimming Impact Overall Tree Growth?

Before understanding the effect of tree trimming on root development, it is important to understand the overall impact of tree trimming on tree growth. You need to understand tree anatomy and how trees respond to trimming. 

You can trim a tree in a few different ways. You can remove either dead or live parts of the tree, including the roots or the branches. 

Trimming live material will slow down growth. The tree will put additional resources toward replacing the material it’s missing.

Meanwhile, trimming dead material has no significant impact on growth. Dead branches do nothing for the tree, so removing them doesn’t affect growth. 

Time of Year and Tree Trimming

Another factor that changes how tree trimming impacts a tree is the time of year you do it. Experts consider winter or early spring the best times to trim a tree. 

These times are best because trees are dormant during these seasons. Since the trees aren’t growing, the trimming won’t disrupt their growth. 

Does Trimming Trees Prevent Root Growth?

With all this in mind, does tree pruning hinder root growth? The answer is yes, it does. However, the extent of the impact varies. 

When it comes to the relationship between tree trimming and root expansion, trimming live growth and trimming in the summer or fall will negatively impact root growth. Meanwhile, trimming dead growth and trimming in the winter or early spring will have far less impact. 

So, root suppression due to tree trimming will be minimal if you just take a few dead branches off at the start of the year. Meanwhile, tree pruning’s impact on root growth will be far more pronounced if you cut the root system in the middle of the growing season. 

When in doubt about trimming, contacting a professional for premier tree trimming in Aurora, CO, will help. Experts understand what will help or hurt trees and can advise you appropriately. Then, they can safely carry out the tree trimming for you.

Bear Creek Tree Service: Your Tree Trimming Experts

Does trimming trees prevent root growth? Yes, but it is possible to do so with less negative impact. 

Remember, when it comes to tree maintenance and root system vitality, you can always turn to the professionals at Bear Creek Tree Service for help. We can give you advice, trim your trees for you, and even stop tree roots from growing back where they aren’t wanted. 

Want to make sure you’re getting experienced and skilled tree care? Call Bear Creek Tree Service in Aurora, CO, at (720) 299-1409 to schedule your appointment today.

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