Why Structural Pruning Is Important for Your Young Trees in Lakewood, CO

Conventional wisdom says that you shouldn’t prune very young trees. After all, why would you want to remove branches when the tree is just a few feet tall? Shouldn’t you encourage your tree to grow big and bushy before pruning it?

Not necessarily. Structural pruning has many perks for young trees, as our tree service in Lakewood, CO, will explain below.

structural pruning

Pruning Ensures a Single Central Stem (Leader)

For trees, “leaders” are dominant stems that grow taller than all others. Ideally, you want just one leader (except for multi-leader species like serviceberry and birch).

Competing leaders are problematic because they can eventually grow against each other and cause cracking. Additionally, co-dominant stems tend to fail during storms.

Before performing structural tree pruning, you must choose which stem should serve as the leader. If you can’t decide, call Bear Creek Tree Service.

Pruning Establishes a Healthy Scaffold

Without corrective pruning techniques, your young tree can develop a poorly established scaffold that will take time and effort to correct. Common scaffold problems include:

  • Clustered low branches: Bunched-up low branches can spoil your tree’s structure, negatively impact the leader, and even shorten the life of your tree.
  • Branches with narrow angles: These branches can create folds of bark that impact the amount of attachment other branches have to the main trunk.
  • Large opposite branches: Branches growing at opposite angles can grow aggressively and weaken the overall structure of your tree.

Pruning Is a Must for Robust Fruit Yields

Peach, pear, apple, and cherry trees are popular picks for home gardeners in Colorado. If you have a fruit tree, it’s tempting to let it grow unchecked because you think you’ll enjoy a bigger yield.

However, the opposite is true. Allowing your tree to grow without pruning can significantly reduce yields. That’s because the tree puts energy into foliage and branch growth rather than producing fruit.

Pruning Gives Pests Fewer Places To Hide

In Colorado, pests such as emerald ash borers, aphids, and spruce beetles will happily dine on your trees. It’s much easier to prevent pest infestations than it is to eliminate them.

Pests prefer a thick, bushy canopy with lots of hiding spots and nesting areas. With structural pruning, you can eliminate many of these hiding spots and keep pests from gaining a foothold in your trees.

Pruning Keeps Your Trees Beautiful

Without canopy maintenance pruning, your trees can grow into an unwieldy mess of tangled, gnarled branches. If you want your trees to stay attractive, it’s wise to invest in regular structural pruning. Start pruning when your trees are young to avoid problems down the road.

Learn More About Structural Tree Trimming and Crown Shaping Techniques

Not sure how to prune your young trees? Got dead tree branches you need removed? Call Bear Creek Tree Service at (720) 299-1409 to learn more about tree branch training and crown shaping techniques. We also offer tree planting, storm cleanup, and arborist services.

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