How To Deal With a Tree Infested With Ants in Englewood, CO?

Noticing a stampede of ants crawling in and around your tree can be bothersome, but it can also harm your tree’s health. Understanding the types of ants that have taken up residence in your tree can help you determine your best next steps. 

Learn what to do about a tree infested with ants from Beaver Creek Tree Service, Englewood’s top-rated tree service.

tree infested with ants

Identify the Type of Ant

Some ants pose more of a hazard to your trees than others. Identifying the ant species that have taken up residence in your trees can help you understand the danger they present to your property. 

Two main types of ant species pose a relatively significant hazard to your trees: carpenter ants and fire ants. 

Carpenter ants are some of the most common ant species. They are large, black ants that create piles of sawdust near the base of trees.

Carpenter ants typically only invade trees that have begun rotting, so their presence may indicate that your tree is already unhealthy. After taking up residence, they will only continue to harm your tree’s health. 

Fire ants are bright red ants that bite humans, creating painful blisters. They can also present hazards to trees by exposing the root system to air and drying it out. If you see a fire ant colony in tree cavities or around the base of your tree, you’ll want to safely remove the ants to mitigate this hazard. 

Aside from these two species, other ants likely won’t harm your trees or infect them with tree diseases. But you may still want to get rid of ants that have begun multiplying, as they could enter your home and create a nuisance. 

Safely Remove Problematic Ant Species 

You have a few methods for addressing a tree infested with ants. The first is to spread ant bait around the base of the tree. 

Ant bait poisons the colony, leading the ants to die off over time. However, you need to use a bait that is safe for your tree, and this method can take several days to begin working. 

You can also consider methods of repelling the ants instead of killing them. Spraying the tree with a mixture of peppermint oil and water may disturb the ants enough that they decide to find a new home. Alternatively, you can apply a horticultural insecticide to kill the sap-feeding insects on the tree, which cuts off the ants’ honeydew supply and forces them to leave. 

Consulting a certified arborist can ensure that you eliminate the ants safely and effectively without harming your tree. 

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Finding a tree infested with ants isn’t always a cause for concern, but certain ant species can wreak havoc on your plant life. If you’ve noticed ants gathering around your trees, contact Beaver Creek Tree Service today at 720-299-1409 for professional assistance. Then read our recent blog post to learn the cause of damaged bark on your Englewood, CO, trees. 

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