Planting Trees in Your Front Yard: 5 Things Englewood, CO Residents Should Consider

Planting trees in the front yard can add value to your property. However, you must consider your options very carefully first because you need to make the right decision. In this article, Bear Creek Tree Service, your go-to tree stump grinding service in Englewood, CO, explains more about what to think about.

planting trees in front yard

1. Why Do You Want Trees in the Front Yard?

Many homes have small front yards, which makes it essential to understand your motivations. Do you want a large shade tree or something more ornamental? Do you need more privacy in your yard?

Understanding your goals helps you to find the right fit. For example, if you just want to improve curb appeal, a smaller ornamental tree works. However, if you want to improve energy efficiency, you need something big enough to shade your home at its mature size.

2. Can Your Yard Support Trees?

Most of us love the idea of settling under a tree and communing with nature. Before you start imagining your children and grandchildren playing under the tree, make sure your yard can support it. 

You’ll need to consider the following before planting trees in your front yard:

  • Sun access
  • Soil depth
  • Rain frequency
  • Space available

You shouldn’t be put off if the plant you choose the first time is a bad fit. You’ll find something that will work, although it may mean looking at shrubs instead.

3. How Much Space Is There?

You’ll want to think about the distance between your proposed spot and any structures. Try to work out where the main sewer and water lines are. Tree roots are destructive, damaging plumbing, foundations, and even sidewalks. 

Again, the size of the tree isn’t an insurmountable problem. Many ornamental varieties are smaller than their natural counterparts. Just make sure you choose a species that will fit the space nicely.

4. How Much Maintenance Do You Want To Perform?

Do you love playing in the garden and know a lot about tree care? If not, look at an evergreen tree because they are low-maintenance. You seldom need to prune them, and they only need the occasional mulching and watering.

Also, consider native species, as these are usually a plant-and-forget option. Exotic options are beautiful, but this kind of tree usually takes a lot more work.

5. Do You Need a Permit?

Englewood has strict rules about tree removal. We’ll advise you on the potential downside when it comes to the saplings you choose. Once that trunk is six inches or more in diameter, you’ll need a removal permit if you want to cut it down.

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When it comes to planting trees in the front yard, there are many things to consider. You have to think about sunshine, moisture, tree nutrients, and much more.

Want to skip ahead to the fun part? Call Bear Creek Tree Service at (720) 299-1409, and we’ll help you narrow your options and find the best fit for your yard.

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