Why Should You Remove Dead Tree Branches? A Guide to Tree Health

Should you remove dead tree branches? In this article, Bear Creek Tree Service, your trusted tree service in Denver, explains why tree pruning and deadwood removal are good for the plant.

dead tree branches

When To Remove Dead Tree Branches

When you understand some of the reasons trees die, you’ll start to realize that damaged or diseased branches can become harmful. Pruning plays an important role in tree care in the following instances. 


Trimming is often an important part of tree maintenance in that it improves safety. If a branch might fall during a storm, you’ll need to remove it as soon as possible. You might also consider removing branches that rub up against one another, as these can cause significant damage during a storm. 

In arboriculture, the experts always believe it wise to remove these branches so that the tree can redirect resources to healthy limbs. 


You might prune the plant to support tree health, which includes addressing issues like deer damage on trees. This means not only removing dead tree branches but also others that inhibit the tree’s healthy growth.

In a young sapling, you might remove extra leaders so that your tree develops a healthy infrastructure. With older trees, you might remove excess branches or weak ones so the tree can marshall its resources more effectively. 

Where possible, you should trim during the dormant winter months so your tree loses less sap. It’s also safer to do so at this time because the trees have fewer insects and diseases.

Aesthetics and a Better Harvest

Sometimes, you might want to trim your tree for aesthetic reasons. Doing so enhances their natural shape and can be something of an art form. As long as you stick to the basic guidelines of not removing more than a third of the foliage, your tree should be fine. 

In some cases, you’ll need to remove branches to improve clearance or sight lines. If you have a fruit tree, you might prune if you notice too many flowers. This allows the tree to concentrate on growing fruit from the remaining buds. You’ll get a slightly smaller harvest this year, but your fruit will grow to full size. Expect a bumper crop the following season. 

Will the Branches Grow Back? 

If you know something about tree care, you’ll know anything is possible. A stump can sprout again even after you remove most of the trunk. If you prune the tree properly, the plant forms a callous over the wound, which prevents the limb from growing again. 

If you don’t use the proper technique, the branch can sprout again, even when using pruning sealer. If you don’t know how to properly trim the branches, leave it to the professionals. 

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