What To Do With a Stump After Cutting Down a Tree

So you’ve finally bid farewell to that old, troublesome tree in your yard. Now, you have an unsightly reminder sticking out of the ground like a sore thumb. Do you leave it alone or make the next move?

As the go-to tree stump grinding service in Colorado, our team at Bear Creek Tree Service knows what to do with a stump after cutting down a tree. Keep reading as we break down the options for you, from the pretty straightforward to the downright creative.

Fashion a Piece of Art

Get ready to release your inner artist! Instead of seeing the stump as a nuisance, treat it as a blank canvas that can become your garden’s centerpiece. Here’s how.


Do you have a knack for whittling? With a chisel in one hand and a vision in your head, transform the stump into a work of art. The options are vast: a whimsical fairy house, a noble wildlife statue, or a charming face caricature.


Turn your stump into a stage to showcase your favorite garden ornament or botanical masterpiece. Not only will this add visual appeal, but it can create a striking focal point that changes the whole ambiance of your outdoor space.


Big tree varieties like pine or oak leave behind substantial stumps that work perfectly as quaint outdoor seating. A little sanding, a touch of varnish, and voila; you have yourself a garden stool.

Sprouting New Life

Remember, even a stump has the potential to birth new life. With a bit of elbow grease, you can drill holes in the center and cover the stump with potting soil, creating a unique, rustic planter. 

Another option is to let Mother Nature take the wheel and simply leave the stump to decay. Over time, it will become a hotspot for fungi and mosses, adding a touch of wilderness to your yard. You may even find a mini-ecosystem, attracting critters like frogs, birds, and beneficial insects.

Why Tree Stump Removal Is Usually the Best Option

When people ask us the difference between stump grinding vs stump removal and what to do with a stump after cutting down a tree, we often advocate for its removal because it:

  • Poses a stumbling hazard, especially if you live with children or elderly individuals who frequent your yard
  • Can become a breeding ground for pests like termites, beetles, and ants
  • Takes up precious space that you could utilize more effectively
  • May regrow, putting all your tree-removal efforts to waste

Leave the Task to a Professional Arborist

To avoid the issues we’ve mentioned, you need to remove the stump and root system in its entirety. This is where the expertise of a seasoned arborist comes into play. 

At Bear Creek Tree Service, we know what to do with a stump after cutting down a tree. Using a cutting-edge stump grinder, our team can obliterate the stump into tiny wood chips and stop tree roots from growing back.

Call (720) 299-1409 today, and let us help you reclaim your landscape.

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