Understanding the Benefits of Trees in Your Yard

Do you fully understand all the benefits of trees in your yard? If you’re like most people, you know that they can cool your home and act as windbreaks but little else. In this post, Bear Creek Tree Service, your source for excellent tree services in Denver, explains more about understanding trees and their benefits. 

benefits of trees in your yard

A Beautiful Show

A tree in your yard instantly beautifies the space, no matter what species you choose. You can opt for an ornamental variety to save space or look for trees with changing leaf colors for a beautiful display in the fall. You might even plant fruit trees for a yummy treat after the gorgeous flowers. 

A New Member of the Family

A tree you plant will outlive you and your children. Even short-lived species live for 80-100 years. In that time, they grow and change, as you and your family do. They become a vital spot for making memories, forts to hide in, swings to play on, and many more experiences for growing children. 

Natural Air Conditioning 

One of the benefits of trees in your yard is that they help you cool your home in summer by blocking out some of the sunshine. They make things warmer in winter by stopping the chilly breeze in its tracks. 

While we should never have trees too close to our homes, they can also help keep the ground around them cooler. This has a knock-on effect on your property as a whole. 

Shelters Wildlife

By planting trees on your property, you create a safe space for butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. You also give birds and squirrels a place to nest, increasing your enjoyment of your yard and supporting the local ecosystem.

Do you enjoy bird watching? Consider planting trees that bear fruit or have edible berries that birds enjoy. Flowering trees will always attract bees, which can be an essential part of cross-pollinating fruit trees. 

Better Erosion and Water Control

Trees slow water down by absorbing it with their extensive root systems. As the rain trickles down, the roots hold onto the water. This not only benefits the tree itself but other plants in the nearby vicinity. 

The same roots also hold together the earth, preventing it from washing away. Because the ground around the tree is relatively tightly packed, it stays in place even in the stormiest conditions. 

Healthier Environment

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, your tree is actively making the air around you cleaner every day. Consider the difference between the air in a city and a forest to understand this seemingly magical effect better. 

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