When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

When is the best time to plant trees? There are many opinions on this, but Bear Creek Tree Service, Denver’s reliable tree service, gives you the right answer in this post.  

when is the best time to plant trees

When Is the Best Time of Year To Plant Trees  

It’s best to plant trees in the fall after the heat of summer and before the winter sets in. By the same logic, early spring is also a good time to plant a tree. However, whether you plant in spring or choose fall planting depends on your needs and the species. 

Why Plant Trees in Fall? 

Fall is better than spring because there is less chance of drought and harsh sunlight. The roots also grow better in cooler weather, allowing the sapling to establish itself before the cold winter. 

If the species is one that goes dormant in winter, it has enough time to grow the necessary feeder roots before dormancy. Also, since the tree is slowing down after the summer growing season, it can put more energy into establishing roots. 

This creates a stronger root system, and so a more vital tree overall. Be sure to give the tree a chance to establish itself before the first frosts. You should be alright if you plant the sapling about four to six weeks before the first frost. 

Why Plant Trees in Spring? 

When is the best time to plant trees if you can’t wait for months until fall comes around? You can plant a new tree in spring after the last frost. Don’t wait too long, as you need to give the tree at least four weeks to settle before the heat of summer sets in. 

When to Plant Specific Species

Start by choosing the tree carefully. As a Zone 5 area, we can plant many species as long as we account for the vagaries of the weather. Here are some ideas about what to plant: 

  • Maple trees do best when you plant them in the fall so that they can grow strong feeder roots. 
  • Willow, magnolia, dogwood, and birch trees take longer to establish themselves, and so they do better with spring plantings. Just be sure to water the saplings throughout the summer. 
  • Evergreens don’t lose their leaves, so you can plant them in spring or fall as you like. Just be sure that you plant them before the weather starts to heat up. 
  • Fruit trees generally do better if you plant them in early spring so they have a chance to toughen up before the winter snow. As this is their growing season, they’ll need plenty of water. 

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