Newly Planted Tree Leaves Wilting: What’s Causing It?

newly planted tree leaves wilting

Excited gardeners plant trees in anticipation of relaxing in their shade as they grow. When they see newly planted tree leaves wilting they don’t know what to do. There are a few reasons trees might start to wilt, and help from Denver’s tree service company could help. 

Bear Creek Tree Service can identify causes of wilt and help reverse damage before the trees die completely.

Transplant Shock

Young trees have a hard time adjusting to their new location. They have delicate root systems that take time to establish once you plant the tree. There are a few things you can do to minimize shock for a newly planted tree:

Trim away any roots that are dead or broken. This will allow the root ball to grow easily without contending with dead roots.

Before planting, make sure your soil is in good condition. Check the pH level and make sure the type of tree you plant can handle the pH level. Adjusting the pH level as needed can help trees thrive as they establish their root system.

Add mulch around the root zone, but not too close to the trunk. Mulch helps moisture stay in the ground as the roots grow.

Diseased Trees

Another reason for newly planted tree leaves wilting could be disease. Diseased trees need immediate attention to prevent their sickness from spreading to other trees on the property. There are several causes of wilt disease, and a professional arborist can diagnose the cause and advise you on the best method of treatment.

Over or Underwatering

Once the tree has time to establish its root system, it can cope with varying amounts of water. For at least the first year, too little or too much water can cause trees to wilt. 

Underwatering can cause your trees to dehydrate and turn crispy as they wilt. Overwatering prevents a tree from absorbing oxygen and causes it to suffocate.

Every tree species needs a different amount of water, so research the trees you want to plant on your property so you know how to take care of them as they grow.

Avoid Replanting

If you think your tree is wilting because of lack of sunlight or poor soil condition, you may think the best course of action is to move the tree to a different area right away. Replanting it could make the tree suffer even more. Call a professional before you decide to move the tree yourself in order to avoid further shock to the tree.

Expert Knowledge for Improved Tree Health

There are a few reasons you may notice newly planted tree leaves wilting. When you schedule expert plant health care service, our team will identify the cause of wilted leaves and provide treatment like pruning, chemicals to prevent disease, or mulch to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil. Bear Creek Tree Service in Englewood, CO, serves Denver and the surrounding areas. Call 702-299-1409 for a free estimate for plant health care or our other tree services.

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