5 Reasons Why DIY Tree Trimming is Not Advisable

As spring comes around, you may notice your trees and shrubs starting to grow out. Large trees sometimes cause disruptions by blocking sidewalks or hanging over fences and rooftops. The solution may seem simple enough: grab some tools and start cutting off branches.

However, a proper tree service in Denver, CO, is more than haphazardly cutting off unwanted parts of the plant. Many property owners fail to realize this, and their DIY tree trimming may kill or make the plant sick. We have five reasons why we don’t recommend trimming your tree on your own.

diy tree trimming

What Is Tree Trimming?

We use trimming to remove overgrown branches from a plant. Trimming works best for healthy trees that need regular care. Because you have a duty as a Colorado property owner to maintain your trees, you should occasionally schedule tree trimming.

Many Coloradans mistake trimming and pruning for the same thing, but we prune specifically to remove damaged limbs on trees, including dead or diseased branches. An arborist can identify these branches better than someone without plant care experience.

Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Your Tree Trimming

#1. Cutting Too Much

If you don’t know the best ways to trim a tree, you may end up with a badly pruned apple tree or other types of trees, cutting off more branches than necessary. Doing so can kill the tree or cause it to get sick over time. A professional arborist can identify rowdy parts and help stabilize the tree without harming it.

#2. Trimming at the Wrong Time of the Year

Tree service experts know that trimming and pruning happen at different times of the year and require different tools. You shouldn’t trim a tree during the spring while the new buds and branches grow. However, many DIYers don’t know about this and may stifle their tree’s growth.

#3. Cutting the Branch Collars

Tree branches have a part called a branch collar, which stores a lot of nutrients for the tree. When we prune or trim branches, we don’t cut the collar, allowing the tree to heal. 

Cutting the collar leaves the tree vulnerable to illness and death. However, many people are unaware branch collars exist and cut too much off during DIY tree trimming.

#4. Potential Injuries

Trimming trees takes a lot of hard work and proper equipment. You shouldn’t skimp out on buying quality tools or learning protective measures. However, even with detailed warnings, many DIY workers make mistakes that can cause serious injuries or even death.

#5. Large Amounts of Time

You likely have other things you need to do day by day. Trimming a tree properly while keeping up with city ordinances and maintaining your safety often takes more time than you have available.

Local Arborists Are Here To Help

Bear Creek Tree Service hires the best plant maintenance and tree pruning experts in and around Denver, CO. Instead of spending more time and money on DIY tree trimming, you can hire our professionals for fast and easy service. Call (720) 299-1409 when you need plant health care in Denver today!

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