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Prompt, responsive, professional, and fairly priced! Sent our requests to several places, they were quick to reply and fairly priced. They also came out when they were scheduled and did a great job. They have earned my trust.

Tom Wilkinson


Bear Creek Tree Service is your large removal specialist! Bear Creek has up-to-date equipment and the expertise to provide tree removal services for any tree, any size, any location. Tree removal is recommended when the tree is damaged, dead, or dying, causing obstruction or hazards, or when a replacement with a more suitable tree is needed. Generally, to remove a tree, Bear Creek Tree Service’s climbers go up the tree with ropes and harness, removing limbs from the bottom up, dropping them carefully to the ground in an open area. If the tree is close to a home, fence, or other important structure, we lower each limb down with ropes, one at a time. The ground crew then stacks the limbs neatly to get them ready to be chipped up. Sometimes we have to use a crane to remove a tree that is in a difficult or dangerous location.


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